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Information Regarding Divorce Versus Legal Separation


A divorce and a  legal separation will have similar outcomes in many ways. In both situations, divorce and legal separation will legally create space between two spouses. You will both live separately and your financial situation will be separated. Elemetns such as child custody, division of marital assets and debts, child support, and spousal support (alimony once divorced) will all be ordered by a court. Both ivorcing and legally separating will create a legal division between your previously shared lives. This will establish financial rules and certain boundaries which much be followed.

An important difference distinguishing a divorce from a legal separation is that once divorced, the marriage is officially and legally terminate. A couple is no longer legally married and should you wish, you are legally permitted to re-marry. When a legal separation is requested a couple still remains legally married to one another, and you must continue to declare your marital status as ‘married’ on all legally-binding forms. When legally separated, one cannot re-marry, and spouses still have inheritance rights from one another.

Legal Separation

The decision for a legal separation versus a divorce is a matter of personal values, pre-arranged agreements and preferences. In certain cases, people might have religious, spiritual or personal beliefs which condone divorce. In these cases, legal separation permits a couple to still be married and at the same tiem have completely separate lives and living conditions. A legal separation will still continue a marriage and a couple is legally considered to be connected. Additionally, should you pursue a legal separation, you will still be entitled to specific benefits like Social Security and certain pensions which offer payments to a surviving spouse.

Legal separations can serve as a final stopping point prior to divorce. Legal separation will allow a married couple to sort out important issues like custody and financial situations while keeping a marriage legally intact. Legal separations can be reversible should a couple decide to stay together, whereas should you divorce, it is final. Additionally, a legal separations could be emotionally and mentally easier for your children to cope with.

Submission of Divorce Papers

What do You need to do to Submit Divorces Papers

The first thing that must be done is to discuss the topic of divorce with your spouse (if possible). In the case that both you and your spouse aggree to the divorce sonditions you can most likely submit divorce papers on your own depending upon the laws in your state. In the case that you choose to get a divorce, it may not be a civil conversation and you might have to involve an attorney in order to protect your interests. The next step is to determine whether or not a pro se divorce is the best option for your specific situation. Often a pro se divorce can be a good option if:

  • You’ve only been married for a short while
  • There are no children involved
  • There are no significant sums of money or personal property to divide
  • There are no great matters of debt for investments
  • Either spouse is in the US military
  • There are no claims of abuse or violence
  • There are no requests for alimony or spousal support

The next thing to do is to identify any potential issues. You will want to speak with your spouse and cover all of the major concerns involved in divorce. The following are some common situations to address:

  1. The division of any assets which includes bank accounts, real estate, vehicles and other personal property of significant worth.
  2. The division of any debts such as student loans, vehicle loans, credit card debt and any mortgage loans that are share.
  3. You want to identify how are you will remove spouses names from shared assets for debts, and how and when this process will be completed.
  4. In case there are children involved in the marriage, you will need to identify who will have custody of the children, with the visitation terms are common if child support needs to be paid and any other expenses associated with raising children.
  5. Another factor is whether or not alimony will be needed for a spouse.
  6. And lastly, any name changes will need to be restored to the previous name.

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What is Involved in the Divorce Process?


Divorce Petition

A divorce petition is written by one of the spouses (the one who is initiating the divorce is called the petitioner).


Divorce Petition is Served

The divorce papers are then served to the other spouse (service of process).


Divorce Petition Response

The spouse who received the service of process (the respondent) files a reponse stating his/her agreement within 30 days.


Final Steps

Spouses disclose full financial information and agreements for division of debts/assets. If divorce is uncontested it will be finalized.

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Important Factors to Consider for Filing Divorce Papers Online

Important Factors to Consider for Filing Divorce Papers Online

If you and your spouse can agree on divorce terms, then it is possible That you can file for divorce using an online divorce preparation and service. However if you cannot agree on the divorce terms then you’ll likely need the help of an attorney to protect your best interests.

What you will need to do to file for a divorce online is to visit the website of court in the county where are you intend to file for divorce. The majority of the court websites will have links for all of the forms necessary that you need.

Each state has different requirements in different forms but for the most part they will include the following topics:

  • A petition for divorce form
  • A summons form
  • A financial affidavit form
  • A notice of hearing form
  • Answer and affidavit form
  • A settlement agreement form
Consulting with a Leading Local Attorney for Releavant Divorce Advice

Consulting with a Leading Local Attorney for Releavant Divorce Advice

When it comes down to it, in a simple divorce case with very few assets or debt and no children, most divorcing couples can completed their divorce online. However if there are disagreements regarding debts, children or assets, then you’re most likely going to need to get the divorce advice necessary from a qualified source. This means you don’t want to just wing things and hope that it turns out for the better. In most cases divorce can be a emotionally challenging and complicated process they can often have hidden expenses. What we recommend is that you take the time to schedule a free consultation with one of our leading local attorneys so that you can get the best divorce device for your specific situation.

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